Search Warrent Concent
May 6, 1991

On Monday, May 6, 1991, SAP J.C. WHIDBY obtained consent from MARK FUGATE and MARGARET S. NELSON, guardian of MARK FUGATE, to search the residence of PATTIE FUGATE located at 119 Blue Branch Drive, SW, Eatonton, Georgia, and the 1989 Ford Aero Star belonging to PATTIE FUGATE regarding obtaining any pertinent evidence from either one of the two locations. (See attached signed waiver certificate.)

Special Agent J.D. Whidby: 05-07-91
bga: 05-24-91

They had one signed waiver certificate already, why was it neccessary for a second one?


Exhibit #22

On Wednesday, June 12, 1991, SAP J.C. WHIDBY and the Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE met with Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY JIM CLINE in Greensboro, Georgia, for the purpose of discussing and reviewing this case.
Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 6/12/91
idy: 6/25/91


Exhibit #23

On Wednesday, June 24, 1991, SAP J.C. WHIDBY received from Putnam County INVESTIGATOR MIZE photocopy of a telephone bill belonging to PATTIE FUGATE which displays telephone calls made from her residence to various locations to include Taylorís Wrecker Service on May 4, 1991. (See attached photocopy.)
Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 6/24/91
idy: 6/25/91

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