Petitioner’s Exhibit #43 (1-11-96)

County of Washington
State of Georgia

I, Thurston Veal, hereby depose, swear, and state:

1. My name is Thurston Veal. I live at __, Sandersville, Georgia. I am married and work at the Busy Bee Market. My telephone number is _______.

2. I met Wallace “Buck” Fugate because he was my neighbor at the lake.

3. Mr. Fugate was a good neighbor, and would help me on all kinds of projects on my property. One time, shortly after I talked to him about a dock I was planning to build on my property, Mr. Fugate carted out the supplies for the dock. For many of the projects he helped me with, he never charged me any money.

4. Mr. Fugate was very good with his hands. I hired him to help put a new roof on my house at the lake. He did an excellent job.

5. Mr. Fugate was an honest person. On one occasion, I lent him $8,000, which he needed to build a house. He paid me back every penny.

6. I knew Pattie Fugate, and considered her to be a nice person.

7. I believe that Mr. Fugate needs to be punished, but I don’t believe that the death penalty is appropriate for him.

8. Mr. Fugate used to do things for me and refused to take any money for it. I asked him to put up the storm door right away. When I tried to give him money for putting up the door he wouldn’t take any.

9. I was never contacted by anyone with regard to providing information about Wallace Fugate prior to his trial. If I had been asked prior to the trial by a defense lawyer to testify on behalf of Mr. Fugate, I would have been willing to testify and say what I know about him.

Under the pains and penalties of perjury, I hereby swear that this statement is true and accurate.
Thurston Veal

Subscribed and sworn to before me by
Thurston Veal, this 29th day of December, 1995.

Samomm G. Sheiss
Notary Public