L.C. Stanford
PCSO Deputy, 33B

On 5-5-91 at approximately 0145 hours I was contacted by radio by PCSO dispatcher Lawrence. I was advised to return to PCSO. Upon my return, Ms. Lawrence advised me that Wallace Fugate, a murder suspect, was apprehended in Baldwin Co. and that Sheriff Reasseau wanted me to go pick him up and return him to PCSO. Sheriff Reasseau further stated that I was to leave the vehicle in which Fugate had been driving and to advise Baldwin Co. officers that a wrecker would be sent for this vehicle, this date, in the a.m. I was to take possession of any and all firearms found on Fugate’s person and/or property, to include vehicle. Upon my arrival at Baldwin Co. S.O. at approximately 0210 hours, I was advised by Baldwin Co. Deputy officer Cook that Fugate was arrested by Deputy Jeffery Kirk Seckinger, badge #BC 15. I talked with Officer Seckinger and advised him of my Sheriff’s request. Deputy Seckinger complied and at this time we went to the van that Fugate had been driving. I TOOK POSSESION OF TWO HANDGUNS THAT WERE FOUND IN THE VEHICLE. Neither weapon was inspected because of investigative purposed. They were both bagged and returned to PCSO. Nothing else was taken from the van other than A SET OF KEYS that was FOUND IN THE VEHICLE. [See Seckinger T. page 428, line 22; and page 429, line 12, 13 (No keys found in van as Seckinger ‘kept the keys in my pocket’ after placing Fugate under arrest; T. page 429, “I got the keys from Fugate. I immediately locked the door at that time.] At this time Officer Seckinger and I went into the Baldwin Co. jail where I took custody of Wallace Fugate. I did not read him his constitutional rights as I did not ask him any questions. He was cuffed and returned to PCSO jail at 0249 hours on 5-5-91. All items seized or taken by me was bagged and left in dispatch office with Ms. Lawrence. Nothing further.
Lynn C. Stanford 33B
PCSO Deputy