On Tuesday, July 2, 1991, at approximately 9:30 a.m. SAP J. C. WHIDBY talked by telephone with ROBERT RAINWATER regarding a telephone call placed to his residence by MARK FUGATE on May 4, 1991. (Call with Mark at 5:31 pm, lasted 2 minutes)

MR. RAINWATER advised a young man did in fact call his residence on this date and was very upset and said he shot her. He just blew my mom away. The young man was very upset and I advised him to call 911. He told me it was out of order. I then told him he had reached the wrong phone number for the sheriff’s office and I supplied him with the correct number.

After I hung up talking with him, I called the sheriff’s department and told them about the young man calling and saying someone had been shot. I do not remember what the young man’s last name was but I do remember his first name was MARK. When I advised the sheriff’s department I was told by the person on the other end of the telephone they had already received a call reference this incident.

ID Data: Robert Rainwater, Employed: Universal Rudle, Union Point, Georgia

Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 7/2/91
idy: 7/9/91