NOTE: Why was Vickie not put on the stand about the time limits she talked to Mark as it was crucial evidence?

Exhibit #

On Monday, May 6, 1991, at approximately 1:00 p.m., SAS J.C. WHIDBY and Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE interviewed VICKIE NELSON MCCARTY at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. MCCARTY is the sister to the victim in this case and was talking with the victim at the time of the initial assault on the victim began. Vickie had been place on 'hold' when Pattie answered the second line and was talking to Billy Coker. MCCARTY stated essentially as follows:

On Saturday afternoon, I guess at approximately 5:40 p.m. [according to the phone bill it was 5:26 p.m. and Vickie was on the phone for 3 minutes], my sister PATTIE called my house and first talked with my husband because he answered the phone. My husband then called me to the phone and PATTIE started telling me that she had just gotten home from feeding the horses and was telling me about things missing around the house which she thought her ex-husband WALLACE had been taking.

PATTIE then started telling me what was going on at that moment. She said when she and MARK, her son, arrived home, the Mustang was half out of the garage and the batter charger was hooked up to the battery. (Crime scene photos shown Mustang had been moved back inside the garage and no battery charger.) Then all of a sudden PATTIE said hold on a minute there’s someone on the other line. PATTIE NEVER CAME BACK ON THE LINE but the line did clear up as if I had been taken off of hold. I heard a lot of background noise which sounded like people struggling. I heard some kind of popping noises a couple of times. (If the gun went off only once, then what did Vickie hear 'a couple of times'). I don’t know what they were. Approximately a minute later, MARK CAME ON THE PHONE and said, "VICKIE, my daddy has my mama, call the sheriff’s department." I said OK.

I then became very upset and could not think straight so my husband JULIAN called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and asked them to send someone down there.
(Mark hung up from talking to Vickie at 5:29 pm. Pattie was dead less than 1 minute later. Julian made his telephone call to the Sheriff's Department at 5:36 pm.)

I do not know if PATTIE had a gun with her or not. She never told me anything about any kind of gun. MS MCCARTY was unable to provide any additional information.

ID Date: Vickie Nelson McCarty, W/F, 41 YOA, Macon, Georgia

Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 5/8/91
idy: 5/13/91

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