MAY 4, 1991

E.M.S. was notified by Putnam County Sherrifs Department of a Gunshot to a female subject on 119 Blue Branch Road at 17:38 hours. ACLS and BTLS protacol was approved by ER PHYSICIAN at Putnam General Hospital. Upon arrival at said address, 39 year old female was found in front of A frame of house, in a sitting position, face down between legs, with cranium, being close to her left foot, with foot being positioned toward her Midline. Right leg was bent at knee, with righ tfoot being lateral to her torso. Patient was laid back into a Supine position, noted to be Apenic, and Pulseness, Penatrating wound noted to right lateral lobe and considered frontal in antomnocimal position, with Brain tissue exposure, Blood loss was estimated at 3 liters. 1 inch lateration noted to opcipital lobe of cranium. Patient was placed on Cardiac Monitor which revealed Aystole, confirmed in MCL1 and Lead 11. Coroner was notified, Emotional Support was Provided to patients family.
Charles Amerson
Kendrick Lowe