Person Interviewed: John David Hollman [JD Hallman]

I asked John when he first saw Pattie and Buck. He told me the first time was when they were building a few houses over in a sub-division around here, and they would come in as customers. He said they were together ever time they came in and you could say they seemed to get along.

I asked if he knew Mark. He told me he did. John told me Mark practically grew up around here with his parents working here and all.

John told me Mr. Hollman (David Hollman) used Buck as a kind of handyman. John told me after the Fugates built the plant house, Pattie and Mark stayed on. He told me he didn’t work with Pattie much, but in the winter, when it was slow in the plant house, she would help them in the main store. He told me she was always up beat and spunky.

I asked John what his impressions were of Buck and Pattie when he would see them together. John stated they were an average couple: they weren’t at each others throats, but they weren’t oh honey this and honey that.

John told me near the end there was this couple. He said they were doing some work on a house in the Beaver Dam sub-division and he thinks their name is Pair. He told me Buck was working for them and they always knew what was going on with Buck and Pattie. He told me he couldn’t think of anybody else that had any contact with Buck. He told me the Pair family lives in Green County. John said he thinks his name is H. S. Pair. He told me the Pairs would come in to buy materials and they always seamed to know what was going on.

I asked if he could remember the name of the tall blond woman who was friends with Pattie. He told me they would do a lot together. He told me her last name is Walton and she is married to Hew Walton’s son. [Hew Walton’s son is Joe Walton]

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