David Hallman gave a statement saying that he believed until Friday that Patti would be off that weekend. Not until Friday did he tell Pattie she would have to work because another woman, who was scheduled, could not come in.

When David testified he changed his story. David was called for jury duty, but could not have been selected as a juror he was directly involved. David also stated he had already made up his mind and was dismissed.
David could have testified he was in the courtroom when Pattie took Wallace to court not long after their divorce. She stated several charges and the judge dismissed all charges against him because the statments Pattie made against Buck were proven false when the judge had Sheriff Reasseau bring in one of his deputies to testify.


Person Interviewed: David Hollman [Hallman]

I asked David who he met first. He told me it was hard to say, because he thinks he met them both at the same time. He said Pattie and Buck were building a house in Sabastion Cove: a sub-division in the area. He said they would come in, Buck, Pattie, and another girl. I asked David if he knew the other woman. He told me no, that he had no idea who she was. He told me they were building two log houses down there and they would come in when they were buying materials.

I asked if they were married at that time. He told me that they were. I asked if Mark was born at that time. He told me yes he was, but he didnít know his age.

I asked David when Pattie started working with them. He told me she started working with them independentlyÖ she stared working in the plant house when Mark was 11 or 12. I asked David when Buck and Pattie built the plant house. He told me the store has been around for ten years. He said that the plant house was five or six years old.

I asked David how long heís know Buck and Pattie. (Pause.) I asked if he remembered. He told me he couldnít really remember. He told me he would think seven-to-eight years. He told me Mark worked in the Plant house helping Pattie. He told me they started working there five or six years ago.

I asked David how much work Buck did for him. He told me Buck re-roofed his motherís house. He told me they always have repair work. David said that Buck did the wiring at the treatment plant. He said Buck also helped build the Barn.

I asked David about the quality of Buckís work. David said that he did good work. Then he said Buck finished the basement on his house and that he never had any complaints about Buckís work.

I asked David what kinds of interaction he had with Mark. He told me they didnít have any serious sit down talks. He told me they really didnít talk. David said he would work at the store after school and on Saturdays.I asked how often they worked on Saturdays. He told me they worked every other Saturday.

DAVID HALLMAN - Cross by Bellury (page 407)

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