I was never asked to give a statement, nor to testify as to what I knew or had been told.

Bea Brewer called me around 7:00 pm telling me she had heard Buck had shot Pattie Diane. I immediately called the Sheriff's Department in Eatonton to see if there was any truth to the story. The dispatcher asked me who I was and then told me yes, it was true, and that they were still looking for my brother.

I then called my friend, Lou Donaldson, and told her what had happened. She came over to be with me since I was so upset. She was present when I made the numerous phone calls shown on this bill.

I telephoned the house in Eatonton at 8:15 pm and was surprised when Mark answered. In the 4 minutes we talked he told me that "Buck (he always called his father by this name) shot my mama". I asked him if he was okay and he said yes but added "He shot at me too but he missed me". I then asked who was there with him and he told me his Aunt Vickie and some guys from the sheriff's department and that he would be going home with his Aunt Vickie. I realized Mark had to have still been in shock and I was not about to cause him any more pain than he was already going through by asking him questions about what had happened. I did tell him if he needed me for anything to let me know and I would be there, all he had to do was just to let me know. I told him I loved him and how so very sorry I was that his mama was dead. Then I told him goodbye and hung up.

During one of our many phone conservations that evening, I told Sheriff Resseau what Mark had told me about Buck shooting at him. The Sheriff told me they were already checking the house for 2 bullets. We also talked about him seeing Buck and Pattie out eating together just a couple of weeks before the shooting.

I was on the telephone with the sheriff when Buck called in asking how Pattie was. Sheriff Resseau told me he would call me back after telling me Buck was on the other line. I was also on the telephone with the sheriff when the Baldwin County Sheriff's Department called to say my brother had turned himself in to them.

Lou can verify what I have stated here to be the truth.

The following is my telephone bill and shows all the calls I made that evening. The ones to KY were to my parents who were visiting my mother's sister at the time. The ones made to MD were to my daughter as she was living there at this time.

Darnell's Phone Bill for May, 1991

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