NOTE FROM WALLACE: The first time I called Steve was long before Pat and I divorced. I told him I would rearrange his face. The second time I called Steve was to tell him he could have Pat for we were fixing to get a divorce. I never did threaten to kill him.
Steve Fields was still married until Jan. 15, 1991, three (3) MONTHS AFTER PAT AND I DIVORCED. Pat and Steve had been seeing each other for over a year.

In November of 1990, Pat ran my phone bill up over $150.00. Linda Walton can confirm these facts as I showed her the phone bill and she called Pat at work and told her about all the calls. Pat came home that evening raising hell and cussing me out, telling me to stay out of her business. I told Pat “It is my business as long as you are my wife and if you don’t like it you could pack your things and go live with that unemployed piece of shit and let him take care of you.” I told her she would pay for this bill with her own money as I was not going to pay for her calling her boyfriend. Then I told her to tell the lazy shit to get a job and pay the bill. Pat refused to pay the bill so I had the phone cut off. Pat’s mother, Mrs. Nelson, had a phone put in using her address but in Pat’s name. I moved out, for the second time, about a month later. See Contel Records of Nov, 1990.

Exhibit #33

On Tuesday, July 2, 1991, at approximately 9:29 p.m., SAP J.C. WHIDBY talked by telephone with STEPHEN FIELDS regarding the death of PATTIE FUGATE. FIELDS was the boyfriend of FUGATE. FIELDS stated essentially as follows:

I have been seeing PATTIE for approximately ONE YEAR OR SO. We have been seeing each other off and on for this period of time. The weekend PATTIE was killed, she and MARK were to come to South Carolina that Saturday after they got off of work. (HALLMAN HAD TOLD PAT FRIDAY EVENING SHE HAD TO WORK.) they were going to stay until Monday afternoon before they were to leave to return home.

Myself, PATTIE and MARK had talked FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS about her and MARK coming over to South Carolina and meeting me in South Carolina and us going to the beach. However, no definite plans were made regarding this trip until either Monday, April 29th or Tuesday, April 30th, which was the WEEK PRIOR TO PATTIE BEING KILLED. PATTIE was going to come and stay Saturday night at the Day’s Inn Motel in one of the rooms which one of my co-workers had but was not going to be utilizing for the weekend.

I have been personally contacted by PATTIE’S ex-husband, BUCK, on at least two different occasions when he would call me at my home in South Carolina. On both occasions, he threatened to whip my “ass” and threatened to kill me if I didn’t leave PATTIE alone and stop seeing her. Both of these occasions were after their divorce was final.

PATTIE had told me BUCK had obtained my telephone number from a phone bill he had taken from the house on one of the occasions when he had gone into the house. PATTIE was scared to death of BUCK and did not want to have anything to do with him whatsoever because she was really scared of him. FIELDS was unable to provide any additional information at this time.

ID Date: Stephen G. Fields, Currently Unemployed, Bath, S.C.

Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 7/3/91
idy: 7/9/91

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