NOTE FROM WALLACE: When Billy states I had messed up the water and knocked out a lot of lights he had to have heard that from Pattie. I, along with two of my employees: Steve McBee and Wayne Medlin, were working out of town. We were in North Georgia working for Ron Styles building a Boy Scout Camp and were gone all that week. When we returned that Friday I talked to the sheriff and he told me Pat had called him that Wednesday.
BILLY LIVED LESS THAN 1/2 MILE FROM THE HOUSE AND WAS THE FIRST PERSON AT THE CRIME SCENE AT AROUND 5:34 p.m. This was not brought up in court and no one mentioned he was there and saw Pat laying down, not sitting up.


On Thursday, September 19, 1991, at approximately 10:00 p.m., SAP J.C. WHIDBY talked by telephone with BILLY RAY COKER. COKER was being interviewed regarding placing a telephone call to the residence of PATTIE FUGATE just moments prior to her death. COKER stated essentially as follows.

On the afternoon PATTIE was killed I had called over to her house to see if MARK FUGATE wanted to go out with us to eat. PATTIE answered the phone and immediately asked if this was BUCK. [Don't think Pattie would have asked this. After 20 years she very well knew what Buck's voice sounded like.] I told her no it was Billy. Then PATTIE said very excitedly, “He’s in here. He’s in here.” Then there was nothing. It was kind of like the phone just went dead.

After this I got dressed and drove over to PATTIE and MARK’S house. [See Page 172] By the time I got there BUCK was gone and PATTIE had already been killed and she was just LAYING OUT THERE.

I was over there one time at PATTIE’S house and BUCK had been next door at the other lot and he had been over to PATTIE’S house and messed up their water and knocked out a lot of the lights.

No other information was obtained from COKER.

ID date: Billy Ray Coker, W/M, Age 18, Eatonton, Georgia

Special Agent J.C. Whidby: 09/20/91
bga: 09-20-91

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