DATE: 5-4-91 TIME: 6:57 pm
Handwritten by Mark within approximately 1 1/2 hours of Pattie being shot 5:30 pm.
DOB 8-7-75 SS: 252-69-4520

At 4:00 pm me and my mother left work at Hallman's. We drove to Rabbit Skip Road, at Mrs. Battle Smith's house. We have some horses down there and we went to feed them. [T. 490] Not true, horses had all been moved to South Carolina). We stayed there approximately 45 minutes to an hour. When we pulled into the yard, my red Mustang was backed out of the garage.
Why would Wallace Fugate take the time to repair the Mustang if his only intent was to go there to murder Pattie. Why would he call to have his car tolled if he wasn't going to be able to pick it up the next day?

The hood was up and a new battery was in it.
Wallace did not purchase a new battery, nor did he carry one from his broken down car to the residence. Wallace had placed this batter on his adjacent lot about a week earlier.

The battery was being charged.
Why would anyone charge a new battery? There is no battery charger shown in any of the photos?

My dad had been stealing building supplies from us, we could not finish building the garage.
The garage was already finished by Wallace before he had moved out of the residence. Pattie purchased no building materials from Hallman's from Jan. 8 - May 4, 1991.

My mother tried to call the Sheriff's office, but the line was busy. She was going to tell them he had been at the house. She tried to call 911, but it was out of order - it always is down here. When she could not get through she called Aunt Vickie in Forsyth, Ga. She was telling her about my car. My mother was telling her about the restraining order against him.
If Pattie told Mark she was calling the Sheriff's Department she lied or Mark lied and just made this part of his story up also as the Telephone Bill proves she never even tried to call the Sheriff's Department.

That's why she was calling the Sheriff's office. My mother told me to go down stairs and put the clothes in the dryer, we were going to South Carolina to the beach. I heard some keys rattling down stairs, I ran back up stairs to get my gun. I keep it up stairs beside my bed.
Mark kept his rifle in the gun rack loacted in the room before you enter into the living room. Layout Of The Residence.

I went back down stairs he was leaning up against the door with a pistol in his hand. He was holding it up in his hand grinning at me. The gun was cocked.
Mark could see if a revolver was cocked while he was across the room beside the light switch, which is 12 feet wide? Photos Taken Inside Of Residence.
Wallace was hiding inside the bathroom off the bedroom. He was never leaning up against the door nor behind the wall with his feet sticking out as Mark later testified.

I pointed my .22 rifle at him, it only went click when I pulled the trigger.
The plunger Wallace had allegedly 'removed and hid' is shown clearly still inserted in the rifle in a close-up photo. This rifle, along with the plunger, was taken to the Sheriff's Department and locked up on the evening of 5/4/91, by Deputy Mize, according to his testimony during cross-examination. (T. 446-453) [See Exhibits #11 and #11a].
You have this very same plunger supposedly found a 2nd TIME by Mark on the 5th, under his bed. (Statement #3 - 5/7/91) [See Exhibits #13 and #13a].
Then you have GBI Agent Mitchell testified he found the plunger for the 3rd TIME on 5/7/91. (T. 499-511).
Both Mark (T. 555) and Mize (T. 452) stated several times there were no bullets in the house. Crime photos, not shown during the trial, clearly show two boxes of bullets. In one photo taken of Mark's bedroom you'll see a box of bullets on his toy box, and another box under the telephone in the living room. Photos Taken Inside Residence

On cross-examination Mark testified he used some bullets the day before and had laid them down by the sliding glass door after shooting squirrels. (T. 484). No photos was taken of this area.

He then started laughing at me and pushed me out of the way and run up the steps.
How could Wallace push Mark out of the way when this room is 12 feet wide and Mark is on the other side of the room, standing beside the light switch. In another statement Mark says he "beat his father upstairs". Would not have been possible because of the 12" distance even if he had wanted to.

My mother was still on the phone with Aunt Vickie, she told her to call the police.
Mark did not realize that Pattie was now talking to Billy Coker and not Vickie. According to the Telephone Bill the call to Vicky McCarthy lasted exactly 3 minutes, from 5:26-5:29 pm. Pattie called at 5:26 pm, Vickie was put on hold so Pattie could answer the second line when Billy Ray Coker called, and ended at 5:29 pm when Mark picked up the phone and told Vickie to call the Sheriff's Department.

I told mother he was down there.
Mark counterdicted what he just said and did not tell his mother to call the police nor did he tell his mother his father was "down there". See Pattie's telephone conservation with Billy Coker or Vickie McCarthy.

She ran into her room to call the Sheriff's office because it was programmed in.
Pattie never "ran into here room" as she was already there talking on the telephone. Nor did she even try to call the Sheriff's Department, just something she told Mark, if it was said at all.

I ran up to him and hit him with my rifle. I think I hit him in the side. (T. 475)
If it had Wallace would have substained broken ribs, or enough damage to have left marks. Dr. Jones of Eatonton, took x-rays of Wallace's broken finger. She was not called to testify nor was she asked to give a statement on his injuries.

He hit her in the head with the butt of the gun. She fell on the bed and he hung the phone up.
There was no blood found inside the house nor on the gun. (See Lab Report). When Wallace was was putting his finger on the phone to hang it up is when Pattie supposedly said "He's in the house", not to Vickie but to Billy Ray Coker who had called in on the second line. When Wallace pushed in the plunger of the phone it cut Billy off and Vickie back on. Pattie would have cried out in pain if she were being beaten with a gun but she wasn't screaming. According to Vickie McCarthy she heard only "background noise, which sounded like people struggling, and a couple of popping sounds". (See GBI Lab Report) Only one shot could have been heard by Vickie, so what was the other popping sound she referred to in her statement?
When Wallace's sister, Darnell Fugate, talked to Sheriff Reausseau numberous times that evening, he told her Mark had said his father had shot at him while they were in the basement, and they were looking around for TWO BULLETS. That was also the same story Mark told his Aunt Darnell at 8:35 pm [Phone Bill] when she called and spoke to him. Only the one bullet was found in the floor pointing down into the basement, not any found coming up from the basement.

In a few seconds, she tried to get up to run, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the living room. He was beating her, she told me to call the Sheriff's office, but the line was still busy.
Line was not busy as Vickie was waiting on the phone.

I ran up to him, he put the gun into my face, I backed up. Mother was lying on the floor and he had his foot on her throat. Mark testified Pattie was holding onto the stair-rail leading up to his bedroom.
Wallace says Mark was no where near the vicinity of where the gun was pointed at the time, away from them and toward the living room. He was standing behind them, in the kitchen area, when he and Pattie were standing at the steps leading up to Mark's room. Pattie was never laying in the floor in this area.
Mize made up a story on 5/9/91 to go along with this... Twice saying in his report he saw bruises on Pattie's neck. Once when she was laying in the driveway and again while at the coroner's office.

I heard the gun go off, I thought he shot her.
Mark had just stated the gun was put into his face. In another statement he went so far as to say the gun was pointed in his face and that was when the gun went off. Pattie grabbed for the pistol during the struggle and it fired, away from them, downward and into the living room floor.
(See Photos Taken Inside Of Residence

She starting calling my name, he grabbed her by the hair again and he was pulling her outside. He pulled her outside, still hitting her with the butt of the gun. He was trying to get her in the van. He kept hitting her with the butt of the gun.
Mark testified his father hit his mother over 50+ times in the head and chest with the butt of the gun. Then stated his father was beating his mother's head on the van. Van photos and Autopsy Report disproves both statements.
There was no blood or hair found inside the house? No blood on the butt of the gun. No blood on the outside of the van. The bullet was NEVER found inside the van as Susan Boleyn reported in her State Writ. And no hair and very little blood found inside the van, 7 drops and 1 smear, plus what is shown on the napkins laying in front of the console. These napkins and Wallace's shirt were removed from the van and the first photos which shown them in plain view were not presented during the trial, only altered photos were used. Autopsy Report shows Pattie had a 1" zig-zag cut which does not match a butt of a gun. She also had approximately a 2" bruise on her forehead which was caused from falling, not from the butt of any gun.
The highly tech test run on the gun showed no damage, and no blood or hair residue.

He opened the driver's door, he was trying to put her into the driver's seat. She kept screaming, but she kicked him so she could get out of the Van. When she did she sat on the ground. She put her hands over her head to protect herself.
Why no marks or bruises on the back of Pattie's hands and arms if she had them up to protect herself and Wallace was steadily beating her?
Wallace stated it was after being kicked, his right hand, the one he had the pistol in, flew up, forcefully striking the top of the van door, causing the gun to fire the fatal shot, and breaking his little finger on that hand. Autopsy Report states the bullet did indeed enter in an angled and downward motion.
Dr. Jones
examined and x-rayed Wallace but she was not asked for any statement nor was she called as a witness for the D.A. nor the defense.

I ran over to the garage. I started throwing stuff in the driveway so he could not leave.
The location of where Mark was throwing stuff in the driveway is over 80 feet from where the van was and it would have been impossible to see what was going on from there. Photos Taken Outside Of Residence

Mother started calling me several times. I ran to the back of the Van. I peeked around, I heard a shot.
How did the 7 drops of blood get inside the van if Pattie was outside the van?
Photos Taken Of Van

I saw my mother's head hit the ground. I could not tell if he held her head back or not.
If Mark saw his mother's head hit the ground then how could he not see if his father was holding her head back? Mark stated Pattie's legs were under the van at the back wheel and Mr. Fugate had to move them. That would mean that Mark was standing right next to Wallace and Pattie?

He had his back to me. He was holding her by the head of the hair.
Keep in mind that Mark was on the telephone to his Aunt Vickie at 5:29 pm and he could not have been throwing objects in the driveway and also be anywhere near the van in less than a minute. Pattie was shot at 5:30 pm. Mark testified his father had his mother by the hair, pulled her head back and shot her at point blank range. But the fatal bullet was found inside the van. The Autopsy Reports prove the shot was not at close range but came from a distance. This vital point was noted several times in the report and again during the trial.

After he shot her he just turned around and smiled at me. He jumped in the van, put it in reverse and left. I sat on the ground holding my mother's hand. I looked back as he was leaving. I think he said, "I'll get you or I'll be back", he was waving his gun.
Why would Wallace threaten his son's life while he was leaving as he had plenty of opportunities to kill him if that is what he had ever intented to do? No trash is shown in any of the driveway areas. Photos And Layout Outside The Residence

I felt for her pulse, I could not find one and she was not breathing. I walked into the house to get some extra bullets to my gun. I could not find any. I was going to take my life so I could be with my mother.
In the photographs of Mark's bedroom there is a box of rifle shells in plain sight. Also another box under the telephone in the living room. Mark testified he hadn't used his gun in several days, and then on cross-examination, he had used it 2-3 days earlier to shoot squirrels and the bullets were left by the sliding glass door.
And why would Mark even bother to look for bullets if he knew Wallace had disabled his gun like he stated? This story of the rifle being disabled was not even brought up until 2 DAYS LATER! Besides the photos prove that the rifle definitely had not been disabled as plunger is clearly shown still inserted in the rifle in the crime scene photos Mize took on the 4th.
Photos Taken Inside The Residence

I thought I'd better not, somebody needed to put him away.
Mark just make up the story about killing himself to do exactly this, to put his father away. Mark never had time to look for any bullets as it was only one minute before he placed the call to the wrong number while misdialing the Sheriff's Department at 5:31 pm.
5:31 to 5:33 pm - 1st call - 2 minutes
Layout Of Residence

I called the number to the Sheriff's office, I thought. Some man on the other end told me the number. He told me to hang up and hurry up and call.
Mark testified earlier that the number of the Sheriff's office was programmed into the phone but he dialed the wrong number when he called Mr. Rainwater?
In less than 1 minutes time Mark would not have been able to: be inside the house telling his Aunt Vickie to call the Sheriff, be outside and over 80 feet away and behind the garage throwing objects in the driveway, and then to also watching to see what his father and mother were doing.

5:33 to 5:34 pm - 2nd call - 1 minute - 1st call to Sheriff's Department.
5:36 to 5:48 pm - 3rd call - 12 minutes

I then called the Sheriff's office and told them my mother had been shot. I kept giving my address over and over again. I took the portable phone outside and just sat with my mother until a deputy arrived.
In another statement Mark says he went outside 'after' he called the Sheriff's office, on the portable phone, with one hand, while holding his mother's hand with the other, and sat there until the Deputy came.
The two EMTs (Kendrick and Lowe) saw no one sitting beside Pattie. They saw a young man coming out of the house with a portable phone. They pulled in directly behind Deputy Harper.
But you have Deputy Harper testify he saw Mark sitting beside Pattie.
Since Billy Coker was the first person to arrive at the residence at approximately 5:34 pm, where was he and why wasn't he mentioned? Why wasn't Billy called to testify Pattie was laying on the ground and they, or just Mark, had sit Pattie upright and then let her fall over?
Mark testified he did not move his mother's body. Prosecutor Briley trial transcripts show Mark did indeed sit Pattie up. (T. ___________).
Wallace testified he laid Pattie on the ground and did not know she was dead at the time as he could not see any blood anywhere on her body or face since her bangs were covering the fatal wound.



5:46 pm - Deputy Harper arrived after Billy Ray Coker.

Pattie was sitting in the front yard slumped forward, forehead laying on the ground, did not touch her. It was raining. Mark holding Pattie's hand, phone in other hand. Stated Mize arrived after he did, then the E.M.T.'s were behind him. Harper's Statement, page 393

5:46 pm - Charles Amerson, E.M.T.'s arrived.
Charles Amerson, E.M.T.'s arrived at 5:46 pm. Saw a young man come out of house (Mark or Billy?). Pattie was face down on ground, first thing she was layed back in supine position immediately. Stated Deputy Sheriff was in front of us, we pulled in the yard at the same time.
Where was Mark's friend, Billy Ray Coker, while all this was going on since he was the first one who arrived at the house? Why wasn't he put on the witness stand?
Billy Coker
Deputy Harper, pages 397-398.
E.M.T. Charles Amerson

5:49 pm - Mize is called by radio dispatcher, Sheila Durham. This not until one (1) minute AFTER Mark's 3rd call was made and 2 minutes AFTER Harper and EMTs arrived at the house?
Mize stated he "thinks the E.M.T.'s were present when he arrived".
Telephone Bill
Mize, page 437.
Radio Report


May 6, 1991
Exhibit No: 6 [06-04221-01-91]

On Monday, May 6, 1991, at approximately 1:20 pm, SAS J. C. WHIDBY and Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE Interviewed MARK FUGATE regarding the death of his mother PATTIE FUGATE. MARK was a witness to the death of his mother.

Prior to this interview, MARK FUGATE had already been interviewed by Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE on May 4, 1991, at approximately 6:57 pm. At that time a complete statement was taken from MARK regarding the incident leading to his mother’s death. Therefore, based on the previous interview, this interview is for specific additional information only.

MARK was questioned as to the two guns which had been recovered from the van at the time of its recovery. MARK stated his mother did in fact have a .22 caliber six shot pistol which had white handles on it. According to MARK, his mother had borrowed the pistol from WENDELL COMBS because of the trouble she was having with his father. MR. COMBS could be reached at 485-7512.

MARK described the gun his father had during the altercation with him and his mother as being black with a short barrel, brown handle and he thought his father purchased the gun at a pawn shop approximately three months ago.
Mr. Fugate purchased the Tauras in 1989.

At approximately 1:26 pm, AGENT WHIDBY showed MARK both guns which had been recovered from the van. MARK identified one gun as the one his mother had in her possession and had kept in the van and identified the other gun as looking just like the gun his father had at the time of the incident.

MARK further advised on the date of the incident his .22 caliber rifle had not only been unloaded but part of it had been DISASSEMBLED and the BULLETS FOR ALL OF HIS GUNS TO INCLUDE HIS BB GUN WERE GONE. He also made mention his radio in his room had been moved from the station he normally listens to, to 104 which is the station his father normally listens to and his BED HAD BEEN MESSED UP. MARK was unable to provide any additional information at this time.
Photos taken inside the house disproves the gun being dissembled and the bullets missing as plunger is clearly shown in the rifle and two boxes of bullets for it out in plain sight.
Wallace Fugate wears hearing aids in both ears. Why would he go up to Mark’s room if he wanted to listen to a radio? If he did he would had just turned on the radio downstairs.

MARK was unable to provide any additional information at this time.

ID Date:
Mark Fugate
W/M, DOB: 8/7/75
SSN: 252-69-4520
119 Blue Branch Road – Eatonton, Georgia 912-968-5658

Special Agent J. C. Whidby: 5/8/91
idy: 5/13/91




On Tuesday, May 7, 1991, at about 9:25 a.m., SA MITCHELL arrived at 119 Blue Branch Road in Putnam County and met with Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE concerning the murder of PATTIE DIANE FUGATE on Saturday, May 4, 1991. INVESTIGATOR MIZE explained that PATTIE FUGATE had been assaulted in the residence by her estranged husband, WALLACE FUGATE, III. Their son, MARK FUGATE, had witnessed the incident. AGENT MITCHELL was requested to photograph and obtain any evidence pertaining to this investigation.

AGENT MITCHELL photographed the exterior and interior of the residence including the outlying area. He photographed the most probably route followed by WALLACE FUGATE to reach the basement window where a forcible entry had occurred. He then photographed a red Ford Mustang in a garage because MARK FUGATE advised the investigators that his father, WALLACE FUGATE, had left his (WALLACE FUGATE’S) keys in the ignition. WALLACE FUGATE also removed an old battery, installed a new battery, and worked on the exhaust system of the vehicle. AGENT MITCHELL also photographed two press-on fingernails in the vicinity of the area where the body had been found west of the residence.

The residence faced east
[living room faced east]. The body had been found on the gravel driveway west of the residence between the residence and a garage. AGENT MITCHELL and INVESTIGATOR MIZE sketched the

Page two, continued:

location of the press-on nails. AGENT MITCHELL recovered the two fingernails.

AGENT MITCHELL sketched the basement game room and closet. The closet ceiling was where a bullet was imbedded in the ceiling after having been fired in the den upstairs and traveled through the floor. The bullet was imbedded in the ceiling near the east wall of the closet. MARK FUGATE cut the carpet on the floor of the den in order to find the bullet hole leading to the ceiling of the closet in the basement. After locating the hole, INVESTIGATOR MIZE stuck a pencil in it and AGENT MITCHELL photographed and sketched it. AGENT MITCHELL observed a third press-on fingernail on the floor of the den beside a chair leg. He photographed and sketched it.
[Photographs taken by Mize on the 4th, or so he testified, show no fingernail on the floor of the den.]

MARK FUGATE told the investigators that he had discovered the speaker wire disconnected from the base speaker of his stereo unit in his upstairs bedroom. He also found the ammunition rod [plunger] for a Glenfield, semiautomatic .22 caliber rifle, model 75, serial #71571032, under the bed in his bedroom. A wooden box under a shelf in his room had contained ammunition, but the ammunition was missing.
[Mitchell testified he found the plunger for the rifle, not Mark. Mize testified he had taken this rifle, with plunger intact, as shown in enlarged photos, to the Sheriff’s Department on May 4, 1991.
This story of the rifle being disabled was not even brought up until 2 DAYS LATER! Besides the photos prove that the rifle definitely had not been disabled as plunger is clearly shown still inserted in the rifle in the crime scene photos Mize took on the 4th.
Photos Taken Inside The Residence

Mark testified Wallace had changed the channels on his radio and was listening to it… how is that possible if the speaker was disconnected? A half full box of ammunition is clearly seen on the wooden toy box in Mark’s room. Also, another box of shells under the telephone in the living room.]

AGENT MITCHELL dusted the window of the basement where the pane was broken at the lock mechanism. See Statement, No latent fingerprints were developed. INVESTIGATOR MIZE photographed a tool mark on the bottom exterior of the same window. No photos exist of any tool marks).
No fingerprints of Wallace’s were found on this window as this was not the way he gained entrance into the residence. No photos were taken of any tool marks either as there were not any.

The following items were seized as evidence: One press-on

Page three, continued:

fingernail from the gravel where the body had been found identified as Item A on the sketch, a second press-on fingernail from the gravel where the body was found where was identified as Item B, one lead bullet from the ceiling of the basement closet, and a third press-on fingernail from the carpet of the den identified as Item E in the sketch. Receipt for Property #K-132666.
Mize testified (T. 447-452) that Mitchell found all these items, Mitchell took the photos, and Mitchell took into evidence. But in this statement Mitchell writes it was Mize who found these items, took the photos, and took into evidence? Mitchell seemed to have changed his story while testifying to cover up Mize's misstatements.

The sketches are attached.

Special Agent D. T. Mitchell: 5/8/91 idy: 5/9/91



On Wednesday, June 26, 1991, at approximately 1:15 pm, SAP J.C. WHIDBY and Putnam County INVESTIGATOR RICKY MIZE interviewed MARK FUGATE at the Putnam County Sheriff's Department regarding obtaining additional information about the shooting of his mother, PATTIE FUGATE. MARK FUGATE stated essentially as follows:

I do not know why my father was at our house. I had not talked with him and asked him to come over to my house, nor had I asked him to work on my car for me. The last time I talked with him was about 4 to 6 weeks ago. I was at the Audio Video shop here in Eatonton.
Mark's testified [T.458] he had not seen his father since his parents divorce, 7 months earlier.

The only thing we talked about was he was wanting me to go to Florida with him and CONNIE and when I told him no he started arguing with me. (See Conservation).
Mark admitted several times he saw his father in a statement but denied ever doing so when he testified.

During this conversation with him [with Wallace a week before], (T.468,469) I had not told him anything about me and mom going out of town to South Carolina. We did not even know we were going to South Carolina until that Saturday morning when we decided we would go that afternoon. David Hallman and Stephen Fields

Whatever he did to my car he did on his own. I had not asked him to come to the house and do anything to it whatsoever. I don't know where the battery came from. It appears to look like a battery I had see at the Pro Auto Parts in Eatonton.
No Battery was sold from any shop to Wallace.

The only thing I know he did to my car while he was there that day is he put a donut gasket on the exhaust in an attempt to try to quiet it down.
Wallace was the only one who ever worked on the Mustang for his son.

The phone number on the telephone bill to Sumter, South Carolina, had been written down on a scratch pad next to the telephone with STEVE'S name on top of it.
Briley used this non-existing evidence in court - there was no note pad by the phone.
Photos Taken Inside Residence

STEVE was the guy mom was dating at the time. That is the only way I know he could have called the number on the telephone.
Wallace contends the note in his shirt pocket from Pattie had the phone numbers on it. Connie Roach's testified the same as she was with Wallace when the note was taken out of his mailbox. Shirt On Van Passenger Seat [Exhibit #23]. This shirt, even though it is clearly shown, was not even brought up during the trial. Briley said in court it didn't exist as the shirt was done away with, keys were given to Mark by Deputy Mize, and the van was allowed to be sold. And the tape Mize had of Wallace supposedly signing the Wavier Certificate was destroyed also.

The day we came home and I saw that the car had been worked on and also had been moved, I figured it was my dad who had done this. When mom told me to go down stairs and put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I heard what sounded like some keys rattling, I figured then it was my dad and I went to my room and got the gun because if it was him I was going to shoot him.
Mustang was moved back into the garage. Someone tampered with the evidence before photos were even taken as the residence was cleaned up? Telephone Bill proves someone was there even though the crime scene was supposed to have been secured. Mize stated the house was secured by the family.
Mark stated earlier he saw his father's keys in the Mustang so that alone proves those keys definitely did exist.

I was going to shoot him because he had told us if he ever caught mom alone he was going to get her. I was going to shoot him becasue I was tired of him abusing my mom. I guess it would be fair to say over the past year I grew to hate my father to the point of wanting to kill him so he could not hurt my mother anymore. No other information was obtained from MARK FUGATE at this time.
If Mark never talked to his father as he stated how could he have heard him threaten his mother? This was just what Pattie had told Mark to keep him from from wanting anything to do with his father. This is the same woman who told her son to repeatedly 'shoot him' over and over, and expected him to comply just because she said to do it?

ID Data: Previously stated
Special Agent J. C. Whidby: 6/26/91
idy: 6/27/91



On Wednesday, July 10, 1991, at approximately 9:00 am, SAP J. C. WHIDBY, Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney JOE BRILEY and Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney JIM CLINE interviewed MARK FUGATE at DA BRILEY'S Office, Gray, Georgia, regarding the death of his mother, PATTIE FUGATE. This interview was conducted to clear up certain matters regarding the investigation, therefore the overall summation of this interview will be in somewhat of a disorder.

My mom and dad got along fairly well until about 3 or 4 years ago. Dad always told mom he would take me away if she left. He was very jealous of her. He didn't want her to go to work when she did.
Pattie worked the whole 20 years of the marriage. His parents got alone fine until after the divorce so have no ideal where this came from? Wallace gave Pattie everything and did not ask for much of anything for himself.

When the divorce was finally done, he became very upset. While the divorce was still pending he was still living there and wasn't paying anything.
Another false statement as Mr. Fugate paid the house payments, even after Pattie's death, through Robins Federal Credit Union Account #206581000. His mother paid this bill after his arrest.

We had to borrow over $10,000 from my grandmama just to make it.
Pattie worked a full-time job, a part-time job, kept Mark's and her niece's earnings at Hallman's, plus receiving child support... why did they need a $10,000 loan taken out and where did all the other money go?

My mother had loaned my father approximately $300 to pay his bills at one time trying to be nice.
This is another false statement and Wallace was paying the house notes. After his arrest, his mother, Mary Fugate paid the house notes for several months.

She also had given him a lot next door because she said she felt sorry for him.
The adjacent lot was granted to Wallace in the land transaction, Pattie had nothing to do about giving him this lot. Don't know who told Mark such a thing?
Drawing of Layout Of Residence

It was taking both my mother's salary she was making at HALLMAN'S plus what I was making at HALLMAN'S for us to get by and even at that we were running about $150 short each month of paying all our bills. I have been working there at HALLMAN'S for approximately 3 years.
Pattie was also working part-time for the Eatonton Messenger, newspaper that ran so many damaging and false statements in their numberous stories about this case.
This case was highly publized before the trial. No one in Eatonton could possibly say they had not already heard different stories. One of the Fugate family members were known by most people of this small community? Trial should have never been heard in Putnam County.
Even David Hallman, when called to serve on the jury, was dismissed as he stated he had already made up his mind.

I remember one time approximately 6 weeks before my mother was shot, BUCK, my father, was at the end of the driveway. He pulled across the driveway so mama couldn't get out. He had a gun with him. He also took the child support check he was supposed to give her and threw it on the ground apparently in an attempt to get her to get out of the vehicle. She refused to get out of the vehicle and instead just floorboarded the van and was able to get by him without getting hurt. I was at school when this took place but I was told about this that afternoon by my mother.
This story was not true and only something Pattie told to Mark so he would mistrust his father even more than he had already been lead to do. If Wallace pulled across the driveway, then Pattie could not have possibly gotten by his vehicle and out of the driveway. This is only a narrow lane to drive on.
All child support checks were taken by Mr. Fugate to the Sheriff's Dept. for Pattie to pick up so Mr. Fugate would have a receipt of each payment. This was set up by Wallace and the Sheriff, therefore Wallace would have not 'threw it on the ground' in order to get Pattie out of her car. Wonder who told Mark hear this story too?

My mother was dating STEVE FIELDS. Most of the time when STEVE would come down we would go on trail rides at different areas like the North Georgia mountains or Sparta or somewhere like that.

At one time my dad still had the keys to the house and would come in and go through the house when we were not there and finally during the divorce we were able to get the keys back to the house and fix it where he could not get into the house without breaking in.
Wallace lived at the house even after the divorce so this statement is not true. House keys and car keys were given to him by Pattie several months prior. Those keys were on his key ring the evening he turned himself into the Milledgeville Sheriff's Department, same as his plaid flannel shirt. This evidence went missing and the photos were conveniently not brought up during the trial.
Exhibit #23

Mize stated he gave Mark Wallace's key ring and let him take what keys he wanted off it.

The day my mother was shot, we had planned that day to go to South Carolina to see STEVE and go to the beach.
Plans were made at least a week before but Pattie had to unexpectantly work for a woman that could not substitute for her that Saturday. Steve Fields Statement
David Hallman made a Statement saying one thing and when he testified he changed his story.

When we got home the clothes were in the washer and I was going to put them in the dryer because these were the clothes we were going to carry. We had not packed any suitcases and there were no suitcases out because when MR. FUGATE, "BUCK", left us he took them with him.
Wallace says he took no suitcases when he moved out as he had no need of them.

When we first arrived home I noticed dad's keys were in the Mustang, that's why I thought he was there.
If they thought Wallace was there and if they were so scared of him, why didn't either bother to look for him since no one would leave without their key ring?
And Pattie had a borrowed gun in the van so why not take it in the house with them if they were so scared?

During the initial beginning of the altercation between dad, me and mom, mom was talking to AUNT VICKIE on the phone and BILLY COKER was attempting to call me also. Mom had put AUNT VICKIE on hold and when BILLY came on the phone she told BILLY to call the police.
Vicky McCarthy and Billy Coker

Approximately 4 or 5 years ago mom and dad were fighting at the house. Mom got into the van and went to leave and dad pulled her out of the van and knocked her out. This was witnessed by my grandmother, MARY FUGATE.
Mary Fugate states: "Mark is lying as this definitely never happened while I was ever at the house. This was the first van ever owned by the Fugate's.

The .22 rifle at the house which belong to me, I ALWAYS kept it loaded.
Mark testified the bullets he had used a day or two before had been put by the sliding glass door by him. Photos clearly show bullets in plain sight in Mark's bedroom and also under phone in the living room. Photos Taken Inside Of Residence

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