It was never my intent to cause the death of Pat as this was the woman I had loved for 20 years. I am so glad that Mark did not see his mother get shot. Pat’s death, on top of everything else that transpired that day, was more than enough for him to try and comprehend. Our son was going through enough turmoil from the divorce and hearing all the lies about me that Pat had told him I’m so glad he was not in the vicinity. (Page 601) I saw Mark when he came out of the house from talking to his Aunt Vickie at 5:29 pm. when Pat told him once again to shoot me. Mark left us and went up towards the garage/shop. I never knew where he went until he testified and stated he had gone up the hill and to the front of the garage, facing Blue Branch Drive, and was throwing objects into the driveway so I couldn't leave. Less than 1 minute later, by 5:30 pm, the gun had accidentally gone off and Pat was dead. According to the telephone bill at 5:31 pm Mark called the Sheriff’s Department, but got a wrong number.

I have never blamed Mark for the outcome of my trial. With all the people telling him what he should and shouldn’t say, he had to have been really confused by the time he took the stand a year later. He couldn't remember which part of the story he was supposed to tell, therefore, changed his story again for the 6th time. When you read his testimony you’ll see all the way through this testimony Prosecutor Joe Briley leads him. Time and again Briley would all but tell Mark what he wanted him to say. Briley had made the statement he could not even seek the death penalty without Mark’s testimony.

I realize Mark was old enough to be held accountable for his actions but you must also take into account all the circumstances and his emotional state. Prosecutor Joe Briley used him for his own selfish political greed and power, and that was not right! No matter what Mark did or said I had never, nor ever will stop loving him . . . my son was the love of my life and the reason for everything I ever did.

Pat’s death, and knowing I had played a part in it, was enough pain to bear. I did not realize it could be possible to be more devastated but found out it was upon hearing Mark had been murdered by two guys he hung around with. And then to hear Briley told the newspapers I had paid two million dollars to have Mark killed by these two guys! Briley stooped even lower by offering to drop drug charges on two jailhouse ‘snitches’ if they would get on the witness stand and state I told them I had put out a contract to have my son murdered. Even though it was proven I had nothing to do with the murder, I am still very bitter. The thought that some people would actually think I was so cruel that I would ever want any harm to come to my son hurts deeply.

I'm sure the outcome of my trial would have been totally different had my lawyers been given the documentations it has taken my present attorney's over eight years to finally obtain. And most likely my precious son would still be alive today! I regret the people responsible for Mark’s well being obviously thought it a higher priority to ‘make me pay’ for Pat’s death than it was to see he was given the help he so desperately needed to deal with all the trauma that had happened. But that is something they will have to deal with. And how my death could possibly give anyone relief is something I can not figure out. What kind of person could find relief from anyone's death?

At this time I realize that no matter what is said, and no matter what we can prove, it will do me no good. This additional evidence was not presented in the alloted and correct time frame, according to our judicial system and how it's laws read. This website, with all the information shown, will at least expose the truth of just what type of underhanded, conniving public servants Putnam County has in Mize, Cline, Bellury, Harper, Whidby and Mansfield. I would list Joe Briley and Sheriff Resseau too, but both have already been forced out of office.

I only hope those who read my story will see through the ‘deceptions’ and realize I am not the vicious person I have been made out to be. Never was I a threat to society, nor would I ever be a threat.

If nothing else my death might in some way help change Georgia's laws. Maybe others won't be forced to accept these small-town attorneys who must do what they are told to do in order to keep their own jobs.

FOR ALL MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND OTHER PEOPLE STANDING BEHIND ME, GIVING ME THEIR ONGOING AND MUCH APPRECIATED SUPPORT... I WISH TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! Your belief in me is the only thing that has kept me going for the past 11 years of this nightmare. It will also keep me going until the state of Georgia kills me.

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